Grant award category


Shared Israeli Society: The applicant must be committed to advancing the values of a shared society in Israel, including social unity, democracy based on mutual responsibility, civic equality, and a shared vision for the future.


Why a Shared Israeli Society?

Israeli society is comprised of many groups from a huge variety of backgrounds, traditions, and socio-economic levels. These many populations include new immigrants from Russia and Ethiopia, Arabs, Mizrahim (Sefardim), Ashkenazim, Haredim, religious, secular Israelis, and others. From the end of the last century until today the tendency of these groups has been to separate themselves from one another, creating deep rifts in mutual understanding and tolerance. This process causes growing rivalry and an absence of cooperation, undermining Israel’s acute need for stability and social balance. This imbalance additionally creates vast social and economic disparities and injustice.

The shared society approach fundamentality contributes to social and economic justice, equality, and decreasing of socio-economic gaps.