Application procedure

Who can apply and for how much?

The Levi Lassen Foundation will consider funding applications from NGO’s and projects that fulfil the following criteria:

  • NGOs focused on and committed to a shared Israeli society, that run specific programs where people from different "tribes", backgrounds and/or beliefs work      together to advance joint living, inclusion, discourse, cooperation, mutual      understanding and tolerance and/or combat polarization, racism, discrimination,      hatred, prejudice and division. 
  • The project must have at least two sectors ("tribes") doing something together.
  • The project must have synergy with the overall vision and mission of the NGO.
  • The project (not necessarily the NGO) must be of grassroots nature. 
  • The project must have a down to earth impact and make a difference.
  • The primary target population must be 18 and above.
  • Projects that have an economic/business/employment related objective will not be considered.
  • NGOs may apply for up to 10,000 Euro's a year and may be given a grant for a period of one year. Grantees may apply for a renewal grant (subject to submitting an evaluation report which has to be approved by the foundation).
  • NGOs must be able to demonstrate a stable, effective, creative and well-run organization, a sound financial status, and Nihul Takin. Startup NGOs may also apply without Nihul Takin.

You may only submit one grant request per year. If your grant request is approved, you can submit another request the next year.

The Foundation has established a set of guidelines for applicants. It is highly recommended that all applicants read the guidelines prior to submitting.


Please click here to open the guidelines.